Fare Dodger Bites Security Guard At Barca Train Station

This is the moment an alleged fare dodger is detained by officials at a Barcelona train station where he reportedly bit off a chunk of flesh from one of the security guard’s legs.

The incident took place at the Vallparadis Universitat railway station in the city of Terrassa in the province of Barcelona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia at around 9pm on 2nd September.

According to the newspaper 20 Minutos, a security guard saw the man jump over the barriers without paying for a ticket, and he then responded angrily when stopped by staff members.

While numerous guards tried to restrain the aggressive fare dodger, he allegedly bit a chunk of flesh off one guard’s leg.

The guard, whose name has not been disclosed, is receiving treatment for the injury and is not in a left-threatening situation.

Meanwhile, the suspect was restrained by security guards until officers of the Mossos d’Esquadra officers (Catalan police) arrived on the scene to take him away.

The ADN Sindical union has called on transport companies in the area to install more CCTV cameras to “counteract the number of misleading videos” involving officials after amateur video footage was shared online suggesting the guards had been heavy-handed.

A union spokesperson added that additional cameras will also help to review the actions of on-duty guards and police officers.

During the first six months of 2020, nine attacks on guards at train and metro stations were reported in Catalonia, the highest in Spain, according to newspaper El Caso.