Battle Between Waiters And Customers In Malaga Bar

This is the violent fight between customers and waiters recorded in a bar in southern Spain that began when workers asked customers to put on a shirt.

The events occurred on the promenade of the city of Malaga, province of Malaga, in the southern Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia last Sunday 31th August.

As seen in the images, a woman tries to calm a young man in an evident state of nervousness, while another man in a green shirt argues with the bar waiters.

Suddenly the young man runs to where the waiters are while one of them takes a chair defensively.

When the young man approaches the waiters violently the battle begins.

The waiter hits the young man and chairs start flying through the air in the midst of a hail of kicks.

After several seconds of violence, the young man ends up on the ground and the fight comes to an end.

According to information from the local newspaper Diario Sur, the fight started when the bar waiters asked the young man and his companion, the man in the green shirt, whose identities have not been revealed, to put on the shirt in order to give them service.

Reportedly the men did not react very well to the request and although they agreed to put on the shirt they continued to argue with the waiters.

According to Diario Sur, one of the rioters alleged that the waiters had called him a “shitty n****r.”

Agents of the local police and the emergency service went to the place at the call of the clients.

The two men were arrested by the Local Police accused of assault.

Several of the waiters were treated at the scene for injuries of varying severity.

The current judicial situation of the two men is still unrevealed.