American Tourist Dies After Fall From Cliff In Majorca

A United States citizen has died after falling from a cliff while hiking in Majorca.

The tourist, whose name was not given but who was aged 52, died after plunging from the 30 meters (98 feet) high cliff.

The accident occurred in Calvia in an area of ​​cliffs called Cami de la Vall Verda, in the central area of ​​Capdella, in Mallorca, Spain, on Wednesday, 2nd September.

The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard has taken over the investigation of what happened. The first hypotheses pointed to an accidental fall.

The man, a tourist, was walking with his family and at some point, he separated from them. When he was walking away he fell off the cliff, the Civil Guard informed Newsflash.

Agents of the Local Police of Calvia, members of the Mountain Rescue Group of the Mallorca Firefighters and Special Mountain Intervention Rescue Groups (GREIM) of the Civil Guard came to the area to intervene in what happened.

Two SAMU 61 ambulances with Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support teams and units also travelled immediately to the location where the fall occurred to try to rescue the victim, who apparently died instantly as a result of the impact.

The medical assistants upon arrival could only certify the death of the man.

The Civil Guard helicopter, known as ‘Cuco’, was in charge of removing the corpse of the deceased hiker with a crane.

A team of psychologists also arrived at the scene to attend to the relatives of the deceased, who were in shock after the fatal accident.

The death was reported to the court on duty. Forensic doctors from the Palma Institute of Legal Medicine are going to perform an autopsy on the hiker’s corpse to confirm the exact causes of his death.