Police Swoop On Polish Drug Gang

National police have raided a house dismantling an international criminal organization leading to over a dozen arrests and the seizure of property, cash and thousands of marijuana plants.

Agents of the Spanish National Police in cooperation with the Polish Police conducted 11 raids and searches on properties in three major Spanish cities according to a police report released today (Tuesday).

The properties were linked to an investigation of a criminal organization based in Poland. They are believed to have operated across all of Spain with their base of operations in the port city of Tarragona in the autonomous community of Catalonia.

Marijuana plants found during the raid.

The video shows the moment several officers wearing raid gear quietly approach a large house at night later showing them carrying out several arrests.

Officers go on to show the set up of different plantations, several of the properties, marijuana plants and money seized during the operation.

One of the suspects can be seen as he is taken into a police vehicle as the video comes to an end.

According to the police report: “11 raids and searches were carried out in Tarragona, Barcelona and Granada in which 127,000 EUR  in cash was seized and 18 members of the criminal network were detained.

“Also found were dozens of packages of marijuana already sealed and ready for their transport abroad.”

Agents also discovered “thousands of plants” across five plantations managed by the detainees. Seven vehicles and six properties were also seized during the raids.

Authorities were able to “verify” the alleged traffickers sent “more than 500 kilos (1,102 lbs)” of marijuana to Poland “in vans camouflaged inside the tyres”.

The suspects procured the marijuana from the plants they grew and other local “plantations where they bought the crop to keep an ample supply.”

The criminal group “moved the money coming from the sale of the narcotics hidden” in several places including “pasta packages, in order to make finding them more difficult”.

The person suspected of leading the operation was already in a Spanish prison waiting to be sent to Poland to face charges for allegedly being part of a criminal organization and internationally trafficking of narcotics.

Seven of the 18 detainees were admitted into prison on a court order. It is unclear what they are being ch