Hungry Brown Bear Raids Neighbourhood Gardens

This is the moment a young brown beer sniffs overhanging fruit from a resident’s tree before hopping over the garden fence.

Retired miner Jose Antonio Gomez Pinero, 57, filmed the bear at his home in Carbachon in the municipality of Villablino in the northern Spanish province of Leon on 25th August.

Gomez Pinero told Newsflash: “My neighbour told me he had seen a brown bear in the area and I confirmed its presence as there were marks on the tree.

“In the early hours of the next morning, I heard noises outside and I thought it may be the bear so I grabbed my mobile phone and filmed it.”

The video shows the brown bear sniffing around a plum tree in the man’s garden before hopping over a fence.

Gomez Pinero told Newsflash that his home is situated near a forest and that he only has one neighbour in the area.

He added: “It was only a cub, but it was beautiful to see it.

“Bears are common in the area as we are close to the mountains, so they are seen walking on the roads and approaching fruit trees at this time of year.

Gomez Pinero told Newsflash that they called the Spanish Civil Guard, who assured them not to be afraid and to shout at bears from inside the house to scare them away.

The day after Gomez Pinero spotted the bear in his garden, it was filmed walking on a nearby road at night by a motorist, as seen in another video.