Scooter Rider Dies After Being Hit By Bus Near Benidorm

A 29-year-old woman has died after being run over by a bus as she rode her electric scooter to work in British tourist hotspot Benidorm.

The incident took place on Villajoyosa Avenue in the city of Benidorm, on Spain’s Costa Blanca in the eastern region of Valencia at 8.40 am on Monday (24nd August), official sources report.

A spokesperson for the city council of Benidorm told Newsflash that the woman, who has not been named but is of Spanish nationality, was correctly riding the electric scooter in a bike lane when she was run over by an interurban bus which was turning onto Murtal Street.

An ambulance was called to the scene but paramedics could only confirm the woman’s death.

Local police are investigating the accident and the bus’ tachograph, which gives information on speed and distances, is being checked by the authorities.

The city council said the woman was travelling to the health centre where she worked and ended up under the bus after the accident.

Local newspaper Diario Informacion report bike lanes in the city have caused controversy among local residents as some of them are built in the centre of the road and do not offer physical barriers to protect users from motor vehicles.

The spokesman for the city council told Newsflash that there are more than 90 kilometres (55 miles) of bike lanes in the city and said that the city council is working to improve the network of bike lanes to encourage eco-friendly transport methods.

The investigation is ongoing.