Minor Dies Trying To Board Passenger Ship To Europe

A minor has been killed in an accident while trying to board a passenger ship connecting a city in Africa with the Iberian peninsula.

The tragic incident occurred in the Spanish city of Melilla, located on the northwestern coast of the African continent bordering Morocco on Wednesday 26th August.

The minor’s body was found by the Civil Guard Sub-aquatic Activities Specialists Group yesterday (Thursday) evening. The body was taken to forensics after a doctor confirmed the death.

Local government delegate Sabrina Moh reported the body was with forensics. Though the body had an injury, the exact cause of death is unknown and an autopsy is being carried out.

One of the strongest hypothesis is the victim was hit by another ship while trying to board the ferry. The accident occurred in the evening and it would have been difficult to see anybody swimming in the water.

Another is that the minor became very tired from all the swimming among large ships and drowned from exhaustion.

A similar incident occurred last year on 8th November when another minor fell from a truck. The victim died after a fatal hit to the head on the ramp of the ferry.