Firefighters Called To Remove Man´s Penis Ring

Firefighters were called into a hospital to cut off a penis ring after emergency doctors were unable to remove it.

The unusual rescue occurred at the Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in the city of Vigo, located in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia, on the evening of Monday, 24th August.

A man, who has not been identified, first went to the hospital after he was unable to remove the penis ring himself despite trying for several hours.

It it is unclear what time he arrived there, but by the evening of that same day, firefighters were called and asked to go to the hospital with precision cutting tools.

Doctors explained they had been unable to cut the ring off themselves as it was made with very resistant material.

According to local newspaper ‘Diario de Pontevedra’ the first-responders used a precision radial saw which is usually to cut through rings from people’s fingers.

The man was freed from his penis ring and allowed to return home shortly after seemingly with no lasting damage.

According to the same paper, the situation has precedence as a 45-year-old male found himself in an “identical” situation three years ago in a town just 100 miles from Vigo.

Fortunately, firefighters were also able to remove the 45-year-old’s penis ring without causing any injury.

Penis rings are worn on the penis, usually at the base, to restrict blood flow and promote stronger and longer-lasting erections.