Bathers Stunned As Narcos Unload In Broad Daylight

This is the moment individuals unloaded an alleged drug cargo shipment on a southern Spain beach in front of stunned bathers enjoying their summer day.

The incident took place on the beach of Puente Mayorga, in a small town in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, Andalusia region, near the Bay of Gibraltar on Tuesday.

The video, recorded by a bather and shared on social media networks, shows the moment the drug cargo (believed to be hashish) is unloaded by men on the seashore before they leave in a hurry.

Local newspaper, Nius Diario, reported that the men managed to unload around 300 kilos of hashish, which is about the maximum amount that similar types of boats are able to carry.

One individual was waiting on the shore for the boat, and another was keeping the material out of view in the sand.

Bathers watched the scene from their spots, keeping to the proper social distance guidance that is mandatory during the Covid-19 crisis.

After unloading the cargo, the boat went back to the open sea.

The beach is reported to be a difficult-to-access beach, as the streets leading to it are full of parked cars belonging to bathers, which makes it more difficult for the police to gain access to it.