140 Hotels Face Closure In Mallorca Due To COVID-19

More than 140 hotels have closed in Mallorca due to the plunge in tourist numbers especially from the key markets of the U.K and Germany, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The travel warning was a tough blow to the Spanish island of Majorca, located in the autonomous community of Balearic Islands just off the country’s Mediterranean coast.

According to a report entitled “Estimation of Tourist Income from the Spanish Autonomous Communities” by professor Manuel Figuerola, 42.1 percent of the Balearic Islands’ GDP is based on tourism.

Majorca and the party-island Ibiza are among the two most popular destinations for tourists with more than half of them coming from Great Britain, Germany and the Nordic countries.

But after countries recommended their citizens not travel to the Iberian county after several new cases of COVID-19 were reported, many hotels decided to close their doors for the remainder of August season yesterday (Wednesday).

Hotel Business Federation of Majorca President Maria Frontera made a statement saying: “We currently find ourselves with the progressive closing of establishments. Currently, around 144 hotel establishments have closed down this week.

“We will see how we are doing in September. We do know most tour operators have stopped their operations until the first week of September, some are even waiting until the second week.

“We hope that the ongoing situation of the pandemic and the facts from health services steadily change for the better so we may still have some sort of reactivation of touristic activity in the last weeks of September.”

Of the almost 850 hotels found on the island, a little less than half opened after the nation-wide lockdown.

The number is steadily decreasing as the 144 that are closing represent 36 percent of the ones that did open and a further 250 are expected to decide if they will stay open in the coming days.