Two Italian Tourists Arrested For Drugging And Abusing Two Women

The Catalan police (Mossos d’Esquadra) have arrested two 23-year-old Italian tourists for alleged sexual abuse against two girls in Barcelona after drugging them.

The incident occurred in a local in Sant Adria del Besos in Barcelona on the afternoon of 16th August.

That day the girls met a couple of boys who were sitting at the next table and after engaging in conversation, they realized that the young men were interested in them.

The two victims woke up in their homes dazed and confused at dawn on 17th August.

After reconstructing the experiences of the previous afternoon, they could only remember that they had been totally naked in another apartment, in the company of two boys, the Catalan police reported in a statement obtained by Newsflash.

The women could only remember that the two Italian men had tried to have sex with them.

Neither of them could remember how they had left the apartment or how they got home.

Later, through a mobile application, they learned that it had been thanks to a taxi service.

The young women went to a hospital where analytical tests were performed and the result showed that they had ingested drugs containing benzodiazepines, a substance that acts on the nervous system and causes sedative, amnesic or relaxing effects. The drugs are normally prescribed to treat insomnia and anxiety, report the authorities in the same statement.

After the complaint, the police were able to identify the suspects on social networks and located the house where the events had occurred in the Eixample area of ​​Barcelona.

The police captured the alleged assailants on 20th August.

The detainees were brought to justice before the Barcelona investigating court and face sexual abuse allegations.

As victims of the sex attack the names of the two girls were not revealed, and police have also not revealed their ages or their nationalities.