Brutal Mugging Of 85 Year Old Grandmother

An 85-year-old woman was brutally elbowed in the face by a thief who stole her purse.

The incident took place in an apartment building located in the city centre of Valencia, in the eastern Spanish region of the same name at around 2 pm on Tuesday.

The video, recorded by the CCTV cameras of the building and shared by local media, shows the elderly woman wearing a face mask walking into the building.

The door is held open by a man behind her who walks in the building after her.

The woman OAP turns around and the man then puts his hand in her bag, although the lady tries to hold on to it and faces up to the man.

The man responds by forcefully elbowing the woman in the face, who falls to the ground after which he runs away with the purse.

According to a press statement by the national police obtained by Newsflash, the police were called and officers found the elderly woman, whose name and nationality have not been revealed, bleeding from the head and they called an ambulance to take her to a nearby hospital.

According to the press release, the stolen purse contained 40 EUR (36 GBP), credit cards and the elderly lady’s identity card.

Officers searched the area and at around 11 pm, a patrol car spotted a man with the same description in the San Agustin of Valencia square, where he was arrested for violent robbery.

The 34-year-old man, of Romanian nationality and whose name has not been revealed, was found to have a previous criminal record.

According to the local newspaper El Espanol, the woman is being treated in hospital but is thankfully not in a serious condition.

The investigation is still ongoing according to the police statement.