Helicopter Rescues Family Stranded On Asturias Beach

This is the moment a child is airlifted onto a rescue helicopter after a family-of-five became trapped on a remote Spanish beach.

The Emergency Service Rescue Group (SEPA) said the mother of the family managed to climb to the top of the cliff to raise the alarm, allowing her 46-year-old husband and their three children aged between five and seven to be airlifted from the beach.

The family was rescued from a beach in a protected area known as the ‘Jurassic Coast’ in Asturias in northern Spain, famous for the dinosaur fossils found there.

The family spent the day at Terenes Beach in the municipality of Ribadesella, nestled below cliffs and reachable by a small path.

However, when the tide came in, their access to the trail was blocked and they tried to climb up the steep slope.

The overgrowth made it difficult, however, and in the end, the mother went on alone and managed to get higher where she raised the alarm at a nearby restaurant. She then called the emergency services from the restaurant to rescue her stranded family members at around 4 pm.

SEPA immediately activated the rescue protocol and sent a rescue helicopter and a crew of firefighters to the scene.

At 5.39 pm, firefighters confirmed that the father and three children had all been airlifted to safety and were in good health.

It was not revealed on what date the rescue took place, but the fact that the rescue happened was made public on the 19th of August.