Man Commits Suicide After Murdering Wife’s Lover

The body of a 50-year-old Spanish man has been recovered from the sea after he allegedly mutilated the genitals of his ex-wife’s new partner before killing him, and then committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge.

The suspect, who travelled to the new couple’s holiday home in Portugal to attack them, reportedly fled back to Spain afterwards, where he jumped off the Rande Bridge near the city of Vigo, in the northwest Spanish province of Pontevedra.

According to national newspaper La Vanguardia, the suspect’s ex-wife and her new partner had rented the vacation house across the border in the northern Portuguese town of Ponte de Lima, where according to residents they had been staying for the last three weeks.

The ex-husband had travelled across the border after finding out where they were staying in order to carry out the attack.

According to a police report as cited by national newspaper Voz de Galicia, Portuguese police officers happened across the murder scene after following the marks of a high-end four-wheel-drive that had gone off the road close to the property.

Officers discovered the corpse of the woman’s partner with mutilated genitalia, as well as different injuries all over his body indicating that he had been the victim of violence.

His ex-wife was able to flee from the aggressor and hide while he was busy torturing her partner. She managed to escape, despite being tied up with electric cables, and was still tied up when the police found her.

According to La Voz de Galicia, the woman, who is currently being treated in hospital, told officers that the crimes had been committed by her ex-husband, who lived in Vigo.

According to Portuguese police sources, as cited by La Vanguardia, the woman said in her testimony that the man did not accept the end of their relationship.

Spanish police immediately deployed officers in the city to search for the man, who is believed to have driven across the Spanish Portuguese border back to Vigo.

During their search authorities found his car close to the bridge at Rande and shortly afterwards the emergency services received two calls about a man seen falling from the bridge.

The body was recovered and brought to shore an hour later, where his identity was confirmed.

Police say they are still investigating the case to confirm the circumstances.