Dont Tell The Bride – Groom Tests COVID Positive After Wedding

The groom of a wedding attended by around 200 guests has had to tell all of them that they need to go into two weeks quarantine after he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The wedding took place in the Magna Garden, located in the town of Zarandona, in the southeastern Spanish province of Murcia on 15th August.

But on Monday the groom, whose name has not been revealed, tested positive for coronavirus after taking a routine test at his workplace in a childcare centre.

According to national newspaper El Diario, there were around 20 waiters working at the event and the restaurant and event location has decided to close the facilities for 15 days as a preventive measure after they found out about the positive result and called the authorities.

The event hall told authorities that all their staff wore face masks at all times and they followed the security measures put in place by the Spanish government, but they have been told to stay in self-quarantine while waiting for the instructions of the health authorities.

The head of the health department of the region of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, said in a press conference, reported by El Diario that “the wedding guests are in quarantine for 14 days, it is not clear if they have the virus”.

The regional health ministry of Murcia is carrying out epidemiology research in the area after the childcare centre 24 saw people who tested positive for coronavirus, among them 17 children and seven staff.

Health authorities reported to local newspaper La Vanguardia that weddings are events of “high risk” so they have called for the precaution among citizens.

The city council reported in a press release on their website that cleaning and disinfection work is being done in the surroundings of the Magna Garden premises.

Spain now has some of the strictest rules for citizens after the use of a face-mask was deemed necessary in all outdoor spaces, including when walking on the beach or through any urban area, even when you are on your own and not near other people.

The government has also warned that if these measures do not work, a new lockdown will be imposed on the population.

On Sunday 16th March thousands of people took to the streets during a coordinated nationwide protest against the violation of civil liberties that they claim these new rules signify.