Police Dismantle Dark Web Teen Hacking Gang

Spanish authorities have dismantled a cybercrime gang of 13 individuals led by two minors and seized a huge amount of computer equipment where they found cryptocurrency and thousands of stolen passwords.

The two minors were arrested yesterday in the city of Granada located in the southern Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia.

A video shared by the Spanish Civil Guard on their official Twitter page shows the search of the premises after the youths were detained.

The footage shows the officers investigating the contents of some of the computers and seizing equipment such as hard drives.

According to a police press statement, the network of 13 hackers was dismantled after an investigation and the group’s leaders, two unidentified minors, have been arrested. Their exact age is unclear.

One of the leaders had already been detained in the past for hacking into the Public Health Service and a public cycling transportation system in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

The group are alleged to have acquired 777,750 email credentials with the username and password on the deep web that they used to steal money from the victims’ bank accounts and access their credit card details.

According to the police report: “The 13 members of this network – two of them detained – had 777,750 credentials in their possession of email username and passwords acquired on the deep web.

“The detained carried out the fraud from different provinces in Spain collaborating and coordinating through the Internet.”

The report went on to say agents found “goods valued at more than 12,000 EUR that had been bought using the stolen cards” and 6,000 EUR in cryptocurrency which they used to acquire “card information and carry out the cyber frauds.”

The hacking network has been charged with 47 counts of fraud through fraudulent use of credit cards. It is unclear if there is set to be a trial for the two minors.