Massive Rescue Operation For Family Trapped In Sea Cave

This is the moment three adults and three children are airlifted into a rescue helicopter after they were forced to spend a night in a coastal cave after encountering problems while paddle surfing.

The group of six were trapped in a cave in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park in the province of Almeria in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia while paddle surfing in the sea.

The Spanish Civil Guard said in a press statement obtained by Newsflash that they were informed about the group’s disappearance in the early hours of Sunday morning when some of their family members noticed they had not returned and alerted the emergency services.

The rescue operation was launched immediately and over 25 officers took part in the search.

At around 7am on Sunday, the victims were spotted on a rock near Vela Blanca Beach.

The police said the group were shivering and scared after spending the night in the cave.

Civil Guard divers jumped into the sea to assist the victims before they were airlifted into a rescue helicopter.

The windy conditions made the operation difficult and rescuers had to abandon their first attempt.

Officials tried several times to rescue the six stranded people and multiple boats and a kayak were used.

The Civil Guard said that the Spanish group had symptoms of hypothermia but were otherwise in a healthy state.

The helicopter took them to Almeria Airport where ambulances and paramedics were waiting for them.

The rescue operation took over 12 hours and more than 25 officials were involved.