Drunk Woman Driver Hits Parked Car After Face Mask Row

A drunk woman driver was embroiled in a face mask row when her car  suddenly accelerated away from the scene and crashed into a nearby parked car.

The incident took place at a car park near Ancon Beach in the city of Marbella in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

The woman driver, name not disclosed, was confronted by a lifeguard after reportedly hitting a parked car.

The lifeguard told the motorist to put on a face mask after she allegedly tried to flee the accident scene.

However, the drunk woman accelerated away from the lifeguard, hired by the regional government to enforce health safety rules, and lost control of the vehicle, crashing into at least one other parked car, according to local newspaper Diario Sur.

A man managed to take the keys from the car’s ignition and the woman driver was forced to wait at the scene until the police arrived.

The motorist was arrested and later found to be driving over the alcohol limit, according to Diario Sur.

Local newspaper Malaga Hoy said that the woman has since been released on charges.

In the footage, the lifeguard is seen talking to the woman at the driver’s window before the driver suddenly speeds off, nearly running her over.

She then accelerates and appears to lose control, putting the left indicator on and suddenly crashing into the back of at least one parked car.

She then tries to speed off again, but bystanders manage to stop the motorist and a man appears to take the keys out of the ignition through her window.

The investigation continues.