Britons Arrested For Growing & Selling Cannabis In Mallorca

Four Britons have been arrested for growing cannabis in an old garden centre and selling it on in tourist zones in Mallorca.

The four suspects, whose names and ages have not been disclosed, reportedly grew the cannabis plants in an old garden centre in the town of Calvia in Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands before selling it in tourist areas in the Magaluf and Santa Ponca areas.

A Spanish Civil Guard press statement obtained by the Madrid Metropolitan says the operation started when officers noticed the presence of people smuggling drugs in and out of key tourist areas on the island.

During the investigation, Spanish cops reportedly observed the suspects, all of British nationality, growing cannabis plants in an old garden centre in the municipality of Calvia.

While watering and cutting back the plants, the police surprised three suspects and seized around 30 cannabis plants, according to the police statement.

In a wooden shed on the property that was being used to dry out and prepare the plants, Civil Guard officers also seized another 20 plants as well as two kilogrammes (4.4 lbs) of dried bud ready for distribution.

According to the police, one suspect confronted officers with a knife until he was surrounded and gave himself up.

The cops also raided two properties in the towns of Son Ferrer and Palmanova where cannabis in 200-gramme (7-ounce) packets was found ready for sale.

Officers also seized scales, equipment, and around 3,000 EUR  in cash.

A luxury car, make and model not specified, that was allegedly used to transport the drugs from the garden centre to the suspects’ homes was also confiscated.

During those raids, a fourth Briton was arrested for allegedly preparing the cannabis in weighed packets to later sell on.

The investigation is ongoing.