Gang Of Bulgarian Women Lure Brit In Sex Robbery

Three women have been arrested for stealing a luxury watch worth 6,500 GBP from a British tourist in Marbella and they are suspected to have agreed to have sex with him before robbing him.

The unnamed Briton, who also had his credit cards stolen in the alleged robbery, took place in a flat on Julio Iglesias Avenue in the city of Marbella in the province of Malaga in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

The tourist reported the theft to the local police and an investigation was launched.

According to the newspaper Malaga Hoy, the British man went to an apartment with the three women, but passed out and woke up feeling disorientated before realising that his 7,200-EUR (6,495-GBP) watch had gone missing.

His credit cards had also allegedly been stolen by the three female suspects of Bulgarian nationality, according to Malaga Hoy.

Local newspaper La Opinion de Malaga report the three women are suspected to have agreed to have sex with the man in the apartment before robbing him.

The disorientated Brit also noticed that he had injuries to the arm he wore his watch on and that his phone had notifications about five different cash withdrawals totalling 846 GBP in the time he was in the apartment.

La Opinion de Malaga report the victim told officers he suspected the women had put something in his drink to make him pass out but officers did not carry out tests on him before he returned back to the UK.

The Spanish police identified the three Bulgarian suspects, reportedly aged between 27 and 32, and detained them. It is unclear if they have been formally charged yet.

Reports also did not mention if the victim’s watch had been retrieved.

The investigation is ongoing.