Police Raid Chicken Farm Making Fake Covid Hand Gel

Police have raided a chicken farm turned into a lab making unlicensed hand sanitising gel that was distributed to hospitals and medical centres all over Spain, even though it did not work.

The makeshift lab was found in Boiro, a town in the province of A Coruna in northwestern Spain.

In an interview with Newsflash, the Spanish Civil Guard said they arrested two men during the raid, which they named Operation Quimigel.

Official footage of the raid was shared on the official Twitter page of the Civil Guard showing the illegal lab which had been set up in a chicken shed. (https://bit.ly/39ZFEQV)

Officers found 400 litres (105 gallons) of homemade gel in the ‘laboratory’, as well as successfully locating 6,400 litres (1690 gallons) of gel which had already been distributed to hospitals and medical centres in the country.

The Civil Guard told News Flash that the gel, which lacks any disinfecting qualities, had been distributed all over Spain.

The product is made up of just 25 per cent of alcohol by using brandy, falling well under the 75 per cent required for it to be effective.

The disinfectant gel was purchased primarily by health centres and hospitals. It was the patients using it who sounded the alarm due to the strong smell of the gel.

When police began investigating the products, they found that the company did not have the correct licenses to operate as a distributor.

Due to the high demand for the disinfectant gel, the two men were reportedly able to circumvent what would normally be required to sell such a product, such as licenses and proof of quality.

The suspects are yet to be identified. Sources from the Spanish Civil Guard have informed Newsflash that the case lies with the court in Ribeira who are investigating the matter further.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 302,814 cases of COVID-19 and 28,498 related deaths