Tragic Accident As Girl Hit By Boat After Falling Overboard

An eight-year-old girl has died after falling overboard on her parent’s boat during a family day out and being run over by the vessel.

The tragic accident took place off the coast of Begur, a resort on the Costa Brava in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, at around 7pm on 28th July.

The girl, name and nationality not disclosed, was spending the day with relatives on board her parent’s boat when she fell overboard near the beaches of Sa Tuna and Aiguafreda.

The vessel reportedly sailed over her, causing fatal injuries, according to local newspaper El Caso.

The emergency services were informed of the accident and paramedics on the scene tried to save the girl, but to no avail.

The Spanish Civil Guard continues to investigate the incident.

El Caso said that another eight-year-old died in La Manga del Mar Menor in the Spanish region of Murcia on 19th July when she crashed a jet ski she was on into a boat.

The emergency services rescued the girl from the water and unsuccessfully tried to save her life.