YouTuber Climbs Barca Skyscraper Barefoot & No Equipment

A French YouTuber influencer called Leo Urban climbed a 31-storey building in Barcelona while barefoot and without climbing equipment.

The popular YouTuber climbed the 116-metre (381-foot) Hotel Melia in the city of Barcelona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia at around 8.30pm on 22nd July.

Urban ascended the 31-storey building without footwear and while only accompanied by a filming drone.

It took the daredevil Frenchman around an hour to climb the front of the building and reach the roof to the cheers of spectators below.

However, a team of cops and hotel workers were waiting for him on the roof when he finished his climb.

The YouTuber, who defines himself on his channel as “half-man and half-beast”, was accompanied through the hotel by officials before exiting to the applause of around 30 people waiting for him outside.

The City Council said that the hotel did not suffer any damage during Urban’s ascent and that it is still closed for the pandemic.

However, the daredevil will reportedly receive a fine for flying a drone in the city centre.

It is not the first time the influencer has scaled a tall building without climbing equipment.

His record so far is to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris at a height of 276 metres (906 feet) back in 2015.

In November 2019, Urban climbed the 145-metre tall Torre Glories, formerly known as Torre Agbar, also in Barcelona.

In an exclusive interview with Newsflash, Urban said of his latest climb: “I prepared for it for three years. I always work a lot beforehand to prepare for a climb.

“I’ve been doing parkour barefoot for around 15 years, like I do in nature. I train in trees and mountains while barefoot.”

He told Newsflash: “Doing something like this means challenging your fears and pursuing your dreams through hard work. It is priceless.

“It is important to remind yourself that you can leave your comfort zone to pursue your dreams without fear. Not everybody needs to climb a building to do it, but everybody has their potential and we need to make the most of it.”

Despite his recent fine, the climber said that the police are always cordial and friendly with him.