Outrage Over Tenerife Covid Dance Party

A  packed private dance event on the holiday island of Tenerife has sparked outrage on Twitter for not adhering to COVID-19 social distancing measures.

The ‘LaLost2020’ dance party took place in the north of Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands over the weekend after invites were sent out to selected guests on Instagram.

Revellers were invited to pay 5 EUR for admission to the private dance event, although it is unclear how many invitations were sent out and whether there was a maximum capacity in place.

Twitter user ‘FranEllis04’ posted the video with the comment: “They staged an illegal party without security measures and protocols. It’s called Lalost2020 in case someone wants to report them. This seems like a mess…

“And be aware, in the video you do not see even half the people who were really there.”

The images were widely circulated on Twitter, sparking outrage among numerous netizens such as ‘Mmaxi00’ who said: “B*stards. If your parents or grandparents get sick, don’t cry later.”

However, attendee ‘Valendadderio’ defended the event’s security measures, posting: “Look, you weren’t there, to comment from the outside is very easy. It has been made to sound like a mad uncontrolled party, but they tested everyone’s temperature at the entrance and those over 37.1 degrees Celsius were not allowed in. In every corner there were hand sanitizers.”

In the second video, the DJs are seen wearing mandatory masks, however, it appears that the large crowd is not respecting social distancing.

The Canary Islands and Madrid are the only two autonomous communities in the country that have not established the mandatory use of face masks in all public spaces.

Julio Peres, spokesman for the Canary Islands government, said that although masks are not mandatory in public when a social distance of 1.5 metres is being respected, there will be a tightening of control measures to ensure compliance.

Perez added that police monitoring will be stepped up with penalties of up to 100 EUR (91 GBP) for breaking the rules.

According to figures from the Government of the Canary Islands, there have been 2,508 registered cases of COVID-19 in the region out of the current Spanish total of 260,255.