Power Cut Leaves Tenerife In Chaos

A power cut has left the island of  Tenerife in chaos today as there is no electricity on the island.

The Red Electrica de Espana (REE-Spanish Electrical Network) and energy company Endesa told local newspaper El Dia that the whole island of Tenerife, in the southwestern Spanish region of the Canary Islands, has been left without electricity.

A power cut has left the tourist hotspot of Tenerife in chaos today as there is no electricity on the island including no traffic lights

The power cut took place around 9.45 am and the local authorities are working with the companies in charge of the power supply systems to resolve the issue.

El Dia report the power cut has caused chaos on the roads as traffic lights are not working.

Airports and hospitals are working under normal circumstances with generators whilst El Dia report some people have become trapped in car parks and lifts.

Firefighters are working to release those trapped and in the island’s capital Santa Cruz, a special operation has begun to move tram passengers onto replacement bus services.

The local government has activated the additional bus service which will be free and will run every 15 or 20 minutes on the same route as the tram.

El Dia report it is the second major power cut Tenerife has suffered in less than a year, with a cut on 29th September 2019 leading to the Canary Islands Government fining REE and Endesa 40 million EUR .

The 2019 cut started at 1.11 pm due to a failure at the Granadilla de Abona power station and the electrical service was completely restored at around 10.20 pm.

Tenerife is home to many British expats, and local freelance journalist Lee Bullen told Central European News he had suffered the consequences of today’s cut, explaining: “I am not able to work without electricity.”