Shark Births At Valencia L’Oceanografic

This is the moment eight little shark pups swim for the first time around their enclosure with their mother keeping close watch after being born in the oceanarium.

The sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) pups were born at L’Oceanografic, an aquarium situated in eastern Spanish city of Valencia.

An aquarium spokesperson told Newsflash that they had registered as many as eight pups being born from the same mother Alice.

Alice, who weights 100 kilogrammes, is 2.5 metres long and has lived at the oceanarium since 2003, gave birth to five females and three males

According to a press statement obtained by Newsflash, the centre has seen two other births in the past, both from first-time mums, but not with as many pups as this time.

The sandbar shark pups are 45 centimetres long on average.

When they were born, aquarium workers were on hand to remove them from the water to weigh and check them in a rehabilitation pool.

According to the aquarium, a team of vets carried out health tests and supplied vitamins and a course of antibiotics to help the young shiver of sharks.

L’Oceanografic said in the statement that the sharks are eating and responding well in their first days at the centre.