Ambulance Worker Released After 90 Days Battling COVID

A 34-year-old ambulance technician has been applauded as he left hospital in a wheelchair after fighting coronavirus for 90 days and surviving two cardiac arrests.

Ambulance technician Marc Gil Segria, 34, was working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic during its first weeks in the city of Sabadell in the province of Barcelona, ​​in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

He soon began to suffer symptoms of COVID-19 and after testing positive he was sent home by doctors as his symptoms were mild.

This is the moment the  34-year-old ambulance technician ambulance technician was is applauded as he left hospital 

However, after a few days, the symptoms led to pneumonia that caused a blocked blood vessel in his lung, so he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Parc Tauli University Hospital in Sabadell.

He spent 60 days in the ICU where he suffered two cardiac arrests, one of 10 minutes and the other of six minutes.

After showing improvements, he was transferred to a normal ward in the same hospital where he spent 30 more days under observation.

He has now left the hospital and the video shows him being applauded by medics as he leaves in a wheelchair.

He is suffering from difficulty moving, difficulties speaking, nervous tics, hair loss, and decreased taste and smell.

Doctor Andrey Rodriguez, the assistant doctor in Marc’s case, said: “It is possible that there may be consequences, it may take a year for him to recover or he could even have a motor or neurological deficit in the long term.”

Marc has sent a message about the dangers of COVID, telling young people: “Be aware COVID is not a joke, protect yourselves. It is just a thing for older people.”

He says he now wants to make the dreams he had while he was sedated in the ICU a reality, saying: “I spent a month and a half sleeping. I dreamt of travelling and I remember everything. Now I would like to do them for real and have a good time.”

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has recorded 250,545 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 28,385 deaths.