Six Migrants Found In Spain Scrap Metal Lorry

Six illegal immigrants are found hidden under scrap metal in a lorry bound for Spain.

The Spanish Civil Guard made the discovery at the port of Melilla, a Spanish autonomous city located on the northwest coast of Africa.

Six people, two of them underage, were found inside a lorry carrying metal scrap and about to board a boat travelling to the Spanish mainland.

The officers were participating in checks of the vehicles boarding the boats in order to avoid undocumented migration and avoid dangers for desperate migrants who may be willing to risk their lives to make the crossing.

Officers used a heartbeat detector and were suspicious of one of the lorries carrying scrap metal.

A dog specialised in finding people also pointed to the lorry carrying illegal passengers.

The officers then searched the vehicle in a careful fashion as the cargo was not stable.

According to official sources in a press statement, the officers had to move the metal piece by piece in order to avoid an accident until they finally found the spaces in the metal created for the migrants.

Six males were found in total and they were allegedly travelling without documents.

All of those involved were not harmed during the alleged attempted crossing.

It is unclear where they are from or how they came to be inside the lorry.