Crowds Descend Upon La Concha Beach During Low Tide

San Sebastian´s famous La Concha beach was overrun by crowds yesterday as people search for a space to enjoy the post lockdown during low tide when there is more sand to sit on.

The images were captured by bathers by the famous Basque beach. The video shows crowds of people run onto the beach as they try to get a spot on the sand.

The woman filming the video can be heard saying: “How are they going to control all these people?”

According to local media, the beach has limited access during high tide as the beach is reduced considerably in size, meaning the safety distance of 1.5 metres (5 feet) is more difficult to maintain.

Therefore every day the council shares the access times for the beach on its website, and posts the times when it is not recommended to go to the beach.

Local authorities are reportedly on standby to intervene when they see that the directives issued because of the Coronavirus pandemic are not complied with.

The department of Guipuzcoa which is one of the municipalities of the region, has announced the creation of an app called Nik Hondartzak, meaning My Beach in Basque, so that residents can check the capacity of the beaches and see if there is space.

The app allows councils and residents to be able to see the occupation of the beaches using a traffic light system to let them know if the beach is completely full, close to reaching capacity or has space still.

The app, which is reportedly updated every 15 minutes, is free and available for everyone.