Civil Guard Rescue Kidnapped And Tortured Woman

Spanish civil guards have rescued a woman who was allegedly kidnapped for 9 days, beaten up and knifed in the face by her ex-boyfriend.

The victim, who has not been named, was allegedly taken from her house in Almeria to a house in the neighbouring province of Murcia in southern Spain.

According to local media, the Spanish Civil guard report that the woman was at home when her ex-partner, identified only as A. E. M., 38, who had been trying to locate her for a year to reignite the relationship, let himself into her house.

In a “desperate attempt” to escape, the woman tried to run out the back door but was intercepted by a companion of her ex, A. E. R., 34, who dragged her back into the house.

Her former partner then allegedly used a knife to make a deep cut in her face, before making her put on a face mask.

The two men allegedly forced the woman into an unregistered taxi owned by the companion and they took her to another house where they kept her against her will for 9 days with death threats and beatings.

According to the civil guard, the woman was at “grave risk” and suffered “physical and psychological abuse.”

Reportedly the woman managed to send a photo of her face to a friend and ask for help.

According to police, upon receiving this information they began an investigation called operation ‘Summa’ to locate the woman.

Once they found the house she was allegedly being illegally retained in, officers reportedly distracted the two men to rescue the woman from a back alley.

Officers then arrested the two men, who can be seen handcuffed and taken into the police station.

The men have been charged with illegal detention, grievous bodily harm and gender violence.