British And Irish Gangsters Arrested In Marbella Raid

Spanish police and have  raided a luxury villa and arrested two UK citizens and an Irishman for a punishment shooting of a British man in the legs to settle an old score.

The three suspects were arrested in Marbella in the province of Malaga in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia for the alleged shooting.

The Spanish police said the suspects and British victim are accused of belonging to the same drug trafficking organisation operating in the Costa del Sol.

In May 2019, the 27-year-old British victim was admitted to hospital in Marbella with bullet wounds to both legs, according to a police statement.

The Spanish police said that a 29-year-old Irishman accompanied the victim to hospital, claiming that he found him in the street already injured.

The Irish suspect told the police where the incident took place, but investigators discovered that the shooting actually happened six kilometres away, according to reports.

Local media said the police also noticed several other contradictions in the Irishman’s statement, and then began investigating him.

The police identified the vehicles being used by the Irish suspect and his colleagues and reportedly followed their movements, soon discovering that they were part of the same organisation.

The Spanish authorities suspected that the British man was shot in the legs to settle a score, and the Irishman was arrested along with two British males, aged 24 and 23, after the probe.

The video shows the moment Spanish officers raid the Irishman’s villa and seize a loaded gun and ammunition.

According to reports, the police also found a silencer and 140 cartridges as well as traces of the victim’s blood at the house.

Three vehicles used by the alleged gang were also seized.

The investigation continues.