Guarda Civil Rescue Wild Boar Stuck In Canal

This is the moment a wild boar is pulled to safety from a canal with a rope after becoming stuck in the water.

The incident occurred at the Tagus-Segura Water Transfer in the municipality of Archena, in the southeastern Spanish region of Murcia.

Local media report the wild boar had fallen into the canal, which helps transfer water from the Tagus river into the Segura river, by itself and was unable to get out.

Officers from the Spanish Civil Guard went to the scene to launch the rescue operation which was complicated by the steep sides of the canal.

In the video, the boar can be seen being dragged along the water transfer by the current and struggling to climb the concrete sides of the man-made structure.

An officer can be seen trying to climb down to the animal but he appears to abandon the idea and his colleagues can then be seen preparing a rope.

The rope was successfully attached to the boar and the officers can be seen pulling it to safety by its hoof at a bridge.

The boar is then released and Spanish Civil Guard sources reported that the animal was not injured in the incident.

The boar did not show signs of aggression after it was released, according to local media.