Six-Month-Old Baby Had Cocaine In System After Crash

The young parents of a six-month-old baby have been arrested after the infant was found with high levels of cocaine in its system following a road accident.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old dad is also being investigated for having sex with a minor because the mother was only 15 when she gave birth.

The road accident took place on the A-7 Motorway in Murcia in the south-eastern Spanish region of the same name and the young family was taken to a nearby hospital.

While medics were checking the baby, they found that it had a high level of cocaine in its system, according to local media.

The police were called to the hospital and further checks found that the 16-year-old mother was only 15 when she delivered the baby six months ago.

As a result, the father was reportedly arrested for having sex with a minor. The minimum age of consent in Spain is 16 years old.

He is seen being led out of the hospital in handcuffs in the video footage.

However, the young dad denied giving cocaine to the baby, according to reports.

He has been released on charges as the investigation continues.