Bar Slammed Over Touching Waitress Breasts “Joke”

A Spanish bar has been forced to apologise after putting up a sign telling customers not to touch the waitress’s breasts unless they have disinfected their hands.

The offensive sign was put up in Bar Saurom in the city of Gijon, in the northern Spanish region of Asturias, and photo of it was later posted online causing outrage.

The message reads: “Don’t touch the waitress’s t*ts without disinfecting your hands, thank you.”

The image was reportedly shared on the bar’s Instagram page in the ‘stories’ section but several netizens took screenshots and expressed their outrage.

After several local associations such as women’s collective Mujoas expressed their anger at the sign taking domestic violence and sexual abuse as a joke, the message was removed and the owner of the bar apologised.

The owner, identified as Pablo Buey, wrote on social media: “We made a very sexist mistake and therefore we want to apologise. The joke was out of place. We are very committed against sexism, xenophobia and homophobia.”

The Mayor of Gijon, Ana Gonzalez, told local media the message “is unacceptable and unjustifiable” and added that “you cannot simply apologise”.

Gonzalez also asked the Office of Equality Politics to consider taking legal measures against the owners of the bar, adding: “Gijon cannot allow these kinds of jokes showing old sexism.”

The Board of Women of Gijon condemned the joke and asked the bar to apologise publicly, not just on social media. They also asked for the association of bars and restaurants of Gijon to provide training in equality.

Owner Buey has since come out and apologised again, saying he had reprimanded the waiters who had put the sign up on Tuesday, adding: “Our clients don’t need those posters but my workers aren’t sexists.”

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