Policeman Buys Baby Food For Hard-Up Dad Caught Stealing

A kindhearted police officer who was called to a supermarket where a struggling father had been caught shoplifting four pots of baby food decided to pay for the hard-up dad’s bill and let him go.

The incident took place in a supermarket in the city centre of Zaragoza, in the northern Spanish region of Aragon on 29th May but has only recently been reported in local media.

Screenshot of the post by Police informing about the kind cop.

Reports state a 35-year-old man, whose name and nationality have not been revealed, had been stopped by a security guard as he was leaving the supermarket.

He was found with four pots of baby food under his clothing, with CCTV cameras reportedly showing he had stolen them from the shop.

The pots were reportedly worth between 1 and 2 EUR  each.

The man reportedly told the security guard he was an unemployed father struggling to find work given the current economic situation. Other customers reportedly offered to buy the baby food for him but the police were called to the scene.

National police officers went to the supermarket and listened to all the versions of events. The officers eventually decided to let the man go, with one of the cops pulling out his wallet and paying for the baby food for the hard-up father.

An unnamed witness to local newspaper El Periodico de Aragon, “the officer had very human behaviour” and the incident was “a model for the touching actions of real public servants”.

The witness added: “It is clear people should not steal, but letting those babies starve is even worse.”

The story has been shared by the National Police’s official Twitter account and has been liked over 24,000 times.

A spokesperson for the National Police in Zaragoza told Newsflash that the officer involved would like to remain anonymous.

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