Daring Rescue Of Marbella Hiker After 50-Foot Fall

This footage shows the daring helicopter rescue of a hiker who had fallen 50 feet and broken his ankle in Marbella.

The incident occurred when the hiker whose name and nationality have not been reported, was heading to the La Concha peak in the municipality of Marbella, in the southern Spanish province of Malaga.

The man reportedly fell down a 15-metre (49-metre) cliff and several witnesses spotted him, calling the emergency services.

Officers from the Mountain Rescue and Intervention team of the Spanish Civil Guard rushed to the scene in a helicopter and in the video they can be seen lowering themselves down from the aircraft to the injured hiker below.

The rescuers strapped the man to a harness before lifting him into the helicopter and taking him to the Costa del Sol hospital in the aircraft.

Local media report he was treated for injuries including a fractured ankle at the hospital but it is unclear if he has been discharged.

La Concha is a popular hiking spot just a few kilometres from the city of Marbella which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

The peak stand 1,215 metres (3,986 feet) above sea level and its name means ‘The Shell’ in Spanish due to its shape being likened to that of a seashell.