Spanish Police Bust Costa Del Sol Hash Trafficking Gang

The Spanish Civil Guard have made 34 arrests after dismantling an international criminal organisation who trafficked hashish from Morocco to Europe and cops say it may have been destined for Britain.

The drug traffickers allegedly smuggled hashish from the northern coast of Morocco to the provinces of Granada and Malaga in the Andalusia region of southern Spanish before distributing the drugs across the whole of Europe, possibly including the UK.

Reports state that 34 people have been arrested during the operation including the head of the gang and four specialists in handling speed boats which could be used to carry out several shipments in one night.

The Spanish Civil Guard has confirmed to Newsflash there are 29 Spaniards arrested, 3 Moroccans and two Romanians.

The spokesperson told Newsflash there was a possibility the drugs had been sent to the UK but they could not confirm.

Local authorities reportedly searched four houses in the towns of Almunecar, Jete and La Herradura and found 1,960 kilogrammes (4,321 lbs) of hashish together with three high-speed boats.

The police also reportedly seized 10 cars, two more vehicles which had been stolen (a van and an SUV), two motorbikes, two trailers, 38 mobile phones, 2 GPS systems, one satellite phone, documents, and 3,750 EUR (3,363 GBP) in the raid.

Local media report the organisation supported other drug trafficking gangs in their activity, helping the rent places to store the drugs or supplying them with boats and vehicles for their operations.

The operation started on 29th December 2019 when three people were arrested while they were reportedly smuggling 1,960 kilogrammes (4,321 lbs) of hashish in El Playazo de Nerja beach in Malaga.