Police Raid Cockfighting Arena During Lockdown

This is the moment Spanish police arrest people for staging an illegal cockfight during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Three people were arrested and a further 37 are under investigation after an alleged cockfighting venue was busted by the police in the town of Valdehuncar in the western Spanish province of Caceres.

The illegal event reportedly drew a crowd of between 60 and 80 people from different parts of Spain despite the COVID-19 measures still in place.

Local media also said that several minors were present at the cockfight.

The police rescued 44 birds and 16 were seriously injured from the alleged cockfights. One cock died of its injuries shortly after being saved.

An illegal gambling ring was also dismantled by the Spanish police, according to local media.

During the operation, officers seized over 14,000 EUR (12,522 GBP) from illegal bookmakers as well as 19 bird cages, veterinary equipment, files for sharpening nails and other items, according to reports.

Many of the cocks had their combs, the red, fleshy growth on top of their head, cut off to make them more aggressive, according to reports.

The surviving birds have been sent to an animal centre for treatment.

The police investigation is ongoing.