X-Ray Shows Knife Stuck In 60yo Have-A-Go Heros Head

This shocking X-ray shows a knife lodged in the head of a 60-year-old man after he was stabbed as he tried to stop an argument over a bicycle.

The incident took place at around 5.30 pm on Tuesday in the city of Getxo, in the northern Spanish region of the Basque Country and a suspect has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

According to witnesses reported by local media, two men were arguing over who owned the bike when the victim, who works as a plumber, went up to calm the situation and mediate between the pair.

Officers working at the crime scene.

Witnesses say that one of the pair, a 36-year-old man, was holding a knife and stabbed the victim in the head with it before fleeing the scene.

An ambulance was called and paramedic treated the victim but decided not to remove the knife until they had more details on the injuries it had caused.

The 60-year-old was taken to the Cruces hospital where he remains in a serious condition.
An X-ray shows how the blade was rammed through the side of the man’s head and deep into his skull.

It is unclear if doctors have now removed the blade.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the incident and has been placed in jail by a judge after being charged with attempted murder.