Spanish Police Drug Gang Raid – Seizing 4 Tonnes Of Hash

Armed Spanish civil guards and police have raided a house on the Costa del Sol during an operation which saw a drug gang dismantled and four tonnes of hashish seized before it was sent across Europe.

Thirty-six arrests were made after the Spanish Authorities dismantled the ‘Los Pantojas’ gang which worked in the Campo Gibraltar area of the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, in the Andalusia region.

According to a press statement from the Spanish Civil Guard and the National Police, 18 raids were carried out in the area of Campo Gibraltar where 4,300 kilogrammes (9,489 lbs) of hashish were seized.

The authorities said that 19 vehicles, nine boats, a jet-ski, IT material, phones, weapons and cash were also seized in the police operation called ‘Caniche/Rubio’ (Poodle/Blonde).

In the video, armed cops can be seen storming into a house during the raids, with a sniffer dog being used and cash being seized.

An officer also finds a knife while marked packages can be seen in a garage along with cars and a boat.

The gang are suspected of trafficking drugs from Morocco to the Spanish coast before distributing them across Europe.

The investigation reportedly began in April 2019 and officers said the leader of the gang was a man nicknamed ‘El Pantoja’, who had previously done security and logistics works for a fugitive nicknamed ‘El Messi’.

The gang was reportedly made up of several groups who worked as a form of cooperative, with some groups keeping watch of the operations from water and land, others being in charge of drivers and others vehicles.

El Pantoja is alleged to have ordered members of the gang to keep watch on police boats using their own vessels to ensure the safe passage of the drugs.

The gang reportedly had two forms to bring the drugs to Spain, a day-time operation and night-time operation.

In the day, the gang could reportedly bring half a tonne of hashish into Spain on recreative boats at the weekends, while at night speed boats carrying three tonnes of hashish were used.

The press statement said the gang had used violence to avoid the police but did not specify what the violence used was.

Those arrested have been charged with belonging to a criminal gang, crimes against public health, drug trafficking, the falsification of documents and the robbery and use of vehicles.