Huge 670-lb Tuna Is Biggest Ever Caught Off Murcian Coast

This is the huge 672-lb tuna which has been caught off the coast of Spain and has reportedly become the largest specimen ever caught in the region.

The huge red tuna was caught by fishermen from the Almadraba La Azohia fishery using traditional techniques off the coast of Cartagena, in the southeastern Spanish region of Murcia.

Images show the huge fish, reportedly weighing 305 kilogrammes (672 lbs) being lifted off the ship with a crane.

Juan Paredes, one of the company’s managers told Newsflash: “It is the biggest that has been caught in the region.”

“It was complicated to drag it at the end of pulling in the nets. We threw a net and with two boats we managed to push it so that it could not get out.”

The ‘almadraba’ fishing technique involves encircling a fish in an enclosure of nets which are then tightened around the fish.

Paredes told Newsflash the red tuna was later sold to a wholesaler located in the city of Alicante, in the western Spanish region of Valencia. The fish reportedly fetched 7.90 EUR (7.08 GBP) per kilogramme, earning the fishermen some 2,410 EUR (2,158 GBP).

The traditional fishing of red tuna and other fish is carried out between February and July in the Mazarron Bay, as the tuna migrate along Spain’s Mediterranean coast.