Tearful Farmer Reunited With Donkey After Lockdown

An Andalucian farmer was re-united with his donkey after two months of  COVID-19 lockdown and seperation.

Ismael Fernandez, 38, from the city of Malaga in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia went to visit his beloved female donkey Baldomera after Malaga Province entered phase 1 of lockdown lifting.

The animal was being cared for by his brother 30 kilometres (19 miles) away in the area of El Borge and phase 1 means that Ismael can leave his home to care for the donkey.

Ismael, who works as a journalist, told Newsflash that Baldomera is five years old and was gifted to his father as a retirement present two years ago because “he always dreamed of having a donkey”.

When the lockdown was imposed, Ismael’s brother stayed in the rural house to take care of Baldomera and the other animals.

However, as soon as the Spanish province entered phase 1 of lockdown lifting, Ismael rushed to see the donkey.

He told Newsflash: “I was preparing myself the whole way to El Borge in case Baldomera did not recognise me!”

As seen in the footage, however, the donkey appears to recognise tearful Ismael and it runs up to greet him, hee-hawing excitedly.

Ismael told Newsflash: “I am not ashamed that you hear me crying [in the video] because it was a demonstration of unconditional love.

“Baldomera was kind of crying too when she saw me getting upset. It was the most touching moment I have ever experienced.”

According to Ismael, netizens have asked to know more about his beloved donkey and he confirmed that he has “opened an Instagram account for her”.