Crazed Woman Attacks Mercadona Staff Before Playing Dead

A crazed woman attacked a supermarket cashier, before taking off her top and playing dead on the floor as store security kept her away from shoppers.

The incident was filmed by fellow shoppers in the national supermarket chain store Mercadona, in the locality of Coria del Rio in the southern Spanish region Andalusia.

The images show the woman, dressed in a yellow jumper at the supermarket till, when she suddenly starts to insult a man who is believed to be the store manager.

She can be heard calling him a “filthy pig”, “bastard” and “mother f**er.”

She then insults the security guard when he comes over to see what is going on, but things start to get heavy when for no apparent reason she turns on the cashier, saying: “and who are you filthbag?” before launching herself at her.

The camera doesn’t quite catch the scene, but according to local media the woman punches the cashier and pulls her hair before the security guard pulls her off and tries to restrain her.

The woman struggles and begins to scream, the guard lets her go and she violently kicks a shopping basket at him.

Another security guard gets her down on the floor and tries to hold her arms down while she wails at the top of her lungs over and over again “help me, help me”.

The guards let her go, at which point the woman takes off her jumper and lies starfish on the ground and then turns over face down on the floor of the supermarket.

Three police officers arrive shortly afterwards and cover her up, put a mask on her and take her into custody.

There is no reported reason for this behaviour, although according to journalist Carlos Quilez, it is suspected that the woman suffered some kind of nervous breakdown or is mentally unstable.