Spanish Patient Diagnosed With COVID Toes

A young Spanish patient has been diagnosed with  ‘COVID toes’ that are reportedly caused by the deadly virus.

Alejandro Diez, 24, from the district of Valdemoro in the central Spanish capital Madrid, said he first thought his feet had blistered because of practising sport at home during the lockdown.

He said that he suffered with foot swelling and general fatigue after contracting the virus.

Diez told Newsflash: “Everything started on 5th April when I had small stinging blisters.”

Three days later he visited the pharmacy about the problem and he was instructed to go to hospital immediately.

Diez, who also suffered with headaches and fatigue, was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 at the hospital.

He told Newsflash: “My recovery was slow and I did not see any improvement for a long while. However, the doctors told me it was normal and that I was progressing properly.”

Diez, who was placed in isolation, also said that his feet were very painful and he had problems walking.

He eventually tested negative on 13th may and he said: “I’ve been told that I can lead a normal life and live with my mum at home. When I go outside, I need to wear PPE to avoid any further problems.”

Diez also confirmed that his foot problems are improving and he no longer has discomfort in his toes, just his heel at the moment.

Several US experts have confirmed that swollen feet, dubbed ‘COVID toes’, can be an early symptom of the virus.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 230,698 cases of COVID-19 and 27,563 related deaths.