COVID Bar Solutions – Robot Pulls The Perfect Caña

This is the moment a robot pulls a perfect glass of beer in a Seville bar to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as Spain gradually lifts its strict lockdown.

The ingenious robotic  device is reportedly able to pull 600 beers  in an hour.

The robot is pulling pints, or rather Spanish ‘cañas’, for punters in the bar ‘La Gitana Loca’ (‘The Crazy Gypsy’) located in the centre of Seville in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

According to local media, the robot was created by the Spanish company Macco to serve beer to bar customers in a hygienic way during the pandemic.

Bar owner Alberto Martinez, 53, who also has La Gitana Loca venues in Cordoba and Madrid, told Newsflash: “We (himself and representatives from Macco) spoke about this idea before the pandemic, more for those moments when the bars are busy.”

He explained that the bars are very popular with young people and long queues for ‘canas’ (small beers) are often seen on weekends.

A cana costs punters 0.7 EUR  a glass.

Martinez told Newsflash: “Then COVID-19 spread and everything stopped.”

However, he decided to continue with the idea as it will help his business during the first phase of lockdown lifting.

The robot fills single-use plastic cups with frothy beer that is then passed to the client without contact.

Pub goers place their order on the robot’s tactile screen and pay via its built-in computer, according to reports.

Martinez told Newsflash: “The company that makes the robot said it is the only one in Europe serving beer!”

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 228,030 cases of COVID-19 and 26,920 related deaths.