Spanish Police Bust Huge Sevilla Cockfight During COVID Lockdown

Spanish police have raided an illegal cockfight where around 120 people, mostly known criminals, had gathered and were ignoring social distancing rules to bet on the cruel sport.

The incident took place in the town of El Palmar de Troya, in the southern Spanish province of Seville in the Andalusia region and saw 83 people caught by the Spanish Civil Guard who had been tipped-off about the cockfight. The rest escaped but are being sought.

Local media report the crooks had gathered to watch and gamble on the sport, with spectators not wearing face masks or gloves whilst ignoring social distancing rules.

Police are reportedly close on the trail of those that escaped and further arrests are planned. The Spanish Civil Guard said in a statement that seven cocks were found dead with signs of having died in fights whilst metal cages with cocks waiting to fight were found in a car park.

Some of those reported by the police were carrying up to 6,000 EUR (5,252 GBP), with a total of 40,000 EUR (35,014 GBP) or more believed to have been bet during the fight.

Local media report the cockfighting industry also makes a lot of money by selling the animals, with the Spanish fighting cock especially sought after despite being regulated by the Andalusian authorities.

Reports state most of the 83 who were caught have criminal records and the Spanish Civil Guard said they are working to identify the owners of the animals.

In the video, officers can be seen storming into the improvised fighting area with their weapons drawn and lining up the suspects who do not appear to be wearing face masks.

The investigation is ongoing.