Toddler With Rare Disorder Recovers After 6 Organ Transplants

This is the moment a toddler born with a rare abdominal disorder which caused his intestines to extend outside of his body is discharged from hospital after receiving six successful organ transplants.

Toddler Victor, 2, from Barcelona was recently discharged from the La Paz Hospital in the Spanish capital of Madrid two months after receiving stomach, liver, duodenum (the first section of the small intestine), small intestine, part of a colon and pancreas transplants.

He was born with a rare birth defect called Gastroschisis which causes the intestines to extend outside of the baby’s body through a hole next to the bellybutton.

“After almost three years of being forced to be connected to parenteral feeding machines 18 hours a day to live, Victor was able to get six organ transplants” according to a press release.

Local media report the tot, who is 31 months old, was able to get a transplant through the generosity of a family who had recently lost their child and allowed his organs to be used in transplants for Victor.

Victor’s mother Amparo told local media: “Seeing him after the operation was shocking. I was going between joy and fear in a matter of seconds.

“In the middle of all this, people started talking about the coronavirus. Victor was in post-surgery and the entire hospital was making huge changes to confront what would later be called a pandemic.”

Victor’s father was unable to see him to avoid infection and doctors recommended only one person visit him at a time.

Amparo said: “They (medical workers) kept a safe distance from the tot as much as they could, they tried not to put external machinery in the room, everything was continuously disinfected. The efforts of the medical staff have been impressive.”

In the video, medical staff are seen clapping as Victor walks out of the hospital with his parents.

Amparo said Victor’s uncles, aunts and grandparents are waiting to see “Victor’s new life”.

She said they might drive in front of “his grandparent’s house without stepping out of the car or opening the windows” saying that they are going straight to “quarantine in their home.”

Chief of the Intestinal Transplant Unit in La Paz Hospital Esther Ramos said: “For this to take place more than two and a half years on a waiting list and just as the crisis was starting gives you mixed feelings. Against all odds, Victor’s recovery has been impeccable.”

It is unclear if the family has returned to Barcelona or if they remain in Madrid.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University Spain has reported 236,899 cases of COVID-19 and 24,275 deaths.