Customer Finds Newborn Abandoned In Supermarket Trolley

A newborn baby boy has been found abandoned in a shopping trolley in a supermarket car park during the coronavirus lockdown in Spain.

The baby, believed to be only two or three days old, was found by a customer at the supermarket in the city of Avila, in the central Spanish autonomous community of Castile and Leon yesterday (Monday).

The woman reportedly went into the supermarket saying that she had heard a baby crying outside.

Luis Merino, who works as a nurse in a local emergency room, was paying for his shop and accompanied the woman outside along with supermarket staff.

The shopping trolleys where the crying was coming from were all together and one of the workers of the supermarket unlocked the last one where Merino found the tot in a bag.

The newborn boy was naked, a bit dirty and wrapped in a white sheet, local media report.

Merino says he was surprised to find the tot but knew what to do as he has a small daughter, putting his finger in the boy’s mouth to stop him crying.

The supermarket staff called the emergency services with police officers and an ambulance arriving at the scene. A video shows a police officer holding the tot in the supermarket as they wait for the ambulance.

The baby was taken to the Nuestra Senora de Sonsoles hospital where staff say the tot is in good health. Hospital workers said the baby is believed to be only two or three days old.

The national police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The investigation is ongoing.