Police Bust Italian Tourist Pool Party In Gran Canaria

Italian tourists have been cought having an illegal pool party in Gran Canaria during the country’s strict coronavirus lockdown leading to them being cautioned  fined  by the police.

The footage was recorded in the town of Puerto Rico-Mogan on the island of Gran Canaria located in the south-western Spanish region of Canary Islands.

The Spanish Civil Guard worked with the local police and reportedly busted the party, and they said in a statement that at least seven people were at the pool party.

In the video, they can be seen sitting in groups around the pool but they begin to walk away, apparently once they notice they are being filmed.

Pic Shows: People in the pool party in Mogan.

A press statement from the Spanish Civil Guard caught two Italian citizens living in Spain at the party after they were called to the scene.

The officers found seven people sitting in the sun with alcoholic beverages and music, breaking the strict lockdown imposed in Spain since 14th March.

The two Italians who were caught were reported for breaking the quarantine and disturbing the peace. Both infractions are considered serious in Spanish law and the pair face fines of between 601 and 30,000 EUR (526 and 26,269 GBP).

An investigation is ongoing to identify the other five people who attended the party. Their nationalities have not been reported.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 153,222 cases of COVID-19, with 15,447 deaths and 52,165 recovered.