Covid Mum Speaks To Newborn On Video Call In Hospital

This is the moment a woman speaks with her newborn baby via a tablet as they have been separated while the young mum recovers from COVID-19.

The incident was filmed at the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon, which has set up an initiative for mums with the virus to be in contact with their isolated babies, located in the central Spanish capital Madrid.

A hospital spokesperson said that children are more active when they can listen to their parents while adults are often comforted by the video chats during their recovery process.

In the footage, the unnamed mother is seen speaking with her newborn baby from her hospital bed via a tablet.

The hospital said: “We want to welcome all those babies who were born at a difficult time and had to be separated from their mums for the first days.

“As they cannot have contact, we want to help the parents see the babies in the cot so they can speak or sing to them and start forming a bond until they can finally be together.”

Gynaecologist Cristina Oliver said that many mums have a hard time not being able to see their children when they are isolated straight after birth.

Meanwhile, hospital psychologist Leticia Boada said the babies appear more active when they can hear their mum talking to them.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 153,222 cases of COVID-19, 15,447 deaths and 52,165 recoveries.